More than radio - a community asset

Social Return on Investment (SROI) analyses of Indigenous Broadcasting Services

Umeewarra Media (Umeewarra)

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  • Umeewarra's Indigenous Broadcasting Service and associated media activities are forecast to generate significant social, economic and cultural outcomes for a broad range of stakeholders including employees, community, and Government.

  • Umeewarra provides an essential service that strengthens community. By providing a trusted communication platform, Umeewarra keeps the Aboriginal community of Port Augusta and surrounding towns connected and informed about issues that matter to them. Its activities not only serve community communication needs but also strengthens their connectivity and resilience and are highly valued by stakeholders.

  • Umeewarra cultivates a culturally safe space, both on air and at their studios, where the Aboriginal community feel they belong. This enables them to support the community to connect to one another, to those they've lost touch with and to social services, as well as to support them through grief and into employment.

  • Umeewarra has built the community's trust through more than 30 years of operation, which allows it to have the impact it does for the community. That trust is enabled by Umeewarra being an Aboriginal owned and operated organisation, and being an active member of, and responsive to, the needs of the community.